FABE Commitments

Every child is an individual – FABE works to support the aspirations of each student by helping augment the standard school curriculum. From technology to physical fitness and more, FABE continues to provide support to help our students see and work towards their full potential.

Computer Skills Training and Spanish Language Instruction with Mrs. Burfeind

FABE provides funding for Mrs. Burfeind. As a fluent Spanish speaker, Mrs. Burfeind splits the students’ bi-weekly resource time between Spanish language instruction and computer skills training.

Extra Physical Education with Coach Penny

FABE provides funding for Coach Penny, who assists Coach Carper, ABE’s physical education (P.E.) teacher, throughout the year. As a result, ABE is able to provide a second day of P.E. each week for all students. ABE is the only elementary school in Duval County that provides two P.E. days per week.

News Crew with Mrs. Russell

FABE provides funding for Mrs. Russell, who oversees the News Crew. The News Crew comprises a group of fourth-grade students who produce daily morning announcements from ABE’s Recording Studio.

Dolphin Dash

The Dolphin Dash is an annual Fun Run event co-sponsored with ABE PTA. The Dolphin Dash gives students an opportunity to celebrate their fitness achievements and raise funds for their school.

ABE Grounds Maintenance

FABE funds the landscaping maintenance on a monthly basis for the area in front of the school as well as around the track

Miscellaneous Improvements

FABE provides funding for miscellaneous improvements needed at ABE. For example, FABE has funded shade structure repair and cleaning, hurricane-related maintenance, pressure washing the grounds, piano repair, replacement of basketball nets, replacement of the teachers’ lounge refrigerator, and maintenance of computer lab equipment.

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